Have you seen anything that you think was not acceptable?

If you have seen someone experience a hate incident or a hate crime then it’s important to note just how valuable you are. Research and reporting experience show that the victim or victims are unlikely to report it, so a witness can help to be a voice for that victim(s).

There are many options available for providing information as you can see below so please, be a voice for a victim, and choose whichever option you feel confident with.

It can be difficult to know what to do when you have been a victim of hate. Locally hate incidents and hate crime are believed to be under-reported by upto 80%.


Report it to us

with this option you can help us to get a clearer understanding of what people are experiencing around our county.

Click here to report


Witnessed hate?

with this option the information that you provide will be used for policing purposes to help inform the police with the right information.

Report being a witness


Liaise directly police

we understand that dealing with the police can be daunting so with this option we can help you to liase with the police.

Contact the police